Posted on 07/20/2021Cornerstone Foundation Academy - TAMPA, FL 33614

$17.00 per hour Full Time

Company Description

We are a Christian School: We teach Bible Class every morning for 1st period. Our teachers are God-loving and God-fearing Teachers.

Position Description

Math teachers actively instruct students, create lesson plans, assign and correct homework, manage students in the classroom, communicate with parents, and help students prepare for standardized testing. Math teacher job duties can vary significantly between elementary school and higher grade levels. 

The Art Teacher will be responsible for developing in each student an interest in and creative expression in visual terms, using skills and techniques of artistic expression consistent with school guidelines; to develop aesthetic understandings and appreciations; to discover and develop talents. 

  • Science Teacher Prepare and deliverability- and age-appropriate curricula.
  • Demonstrating hands-on activities before assignment.
  • Assigning homework, including supplemental reading and science projects.
  • Evaluating student performance on tests, reports, and lab activities.


Women Teachers wear skirts or dresses. No piercings, We are an example to the children and each other. We work with inner-city children who we love.

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