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Snapshoot Photobooth
Tampa, FL
JMI Resource
Tampa, FL
JMI Resource
Ponte Vedra, FL
JMI Resource
Cocoa, FL
JMI Resource
Gainesville, FL
JMI Resource
Tampa, FL
JMI Resource
Tampa, FL
JMI Resource
Clearwater, FL
JMI Resource
Tampa, FL
JMI Resource
Tampa, FL

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Tampa, FL
Bridgestone Americas, Inc
Tampa, FL
BayCare Health System
Monro Muffler/Brake
Tampa, FL
Monro Muffler/Brake
Riverview, FL
Bath & Body Works
Brandon, FL

Nationwide Jobs

Covenant Christian Academy
Harrisburg, PA US
Cornerstone Financial Team
Suwanee, GA
Palouse Animal Wellness and Surgery
Moscow, ID US
Allergy Solutions
Colorado Springs, CO US
Heirloom Market Co and Bakeshop
Sharpsburg, GA USA, GA US
Siri & Glimstad
New York, NY US
Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA)
Menlo Park, CA US

Career Tip of the Day


You’re called, along with all of Christ's followers, to be a lighthouse in the storm of economic chaos. Now, while so many are watching to see how you’re doing in your job search, would be the time to shine the brightest. Long after you’re working in your next assignment there will still be a lost, hurting world that needs to know Jesus, and an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. You can’t afford to get so caught up in your job search and temporary things that you lose sight of your eternal Kingdom purpose. Make it a priority to be conformed into the likeness of Jesus. Stand strong against the devil and show the love of God to those who are lost.


  • I have been chosen by God for such a time as this and I have a Kingdom purpose to fulfill.
  • By faith I receive all the provisions I need so that I might demonstrate God’s love and provision to those who don’t yet know Him.
  • My purpose is not my job. My purpose is to be like Jesus and to do the works He did.

Word of the Day

For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of His Son,

Romans 8:29

By Barb Palmer, Employed for Life

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Prayer Network

Elizabeth (1) - 08/15/2022

I need a job before the end of the month because I will have run all out of money period.

Patrick (2) - 08/13/2022

Good day All,


Please pray for our temp associates, team members and client partners. We all have fallen short and are need of prayer especially during these challenging times. I pray that we all…

Patrick (2) - 08/13/2022

Please pray for all of temp associates, team members and client partners in that we all turn for the better and follow God's word. We will fall short but all need prayer during these challenging…

Kim Pittman (4) - 08/12/2022

Praying for partime job / income to help sustain my monthly household bills. I have recently divorced and we had our business together and worked together for 23 years. He wouldn’t continue to be…

Toria (1) - 08/11/2022

Financial breakthrough... full-time position...the Lord's will be done in my life.