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This is such an interesting combination of statements. On one hand we are to understand that God is both our Father and our Lord. On the other hand we are to think of Him as a creator who has the ability and the right to take us apart and start all over if He is displeased with what we have become. I am so glad He embodies both of these characteristics. He formed me, but He will not destroy me if I fail, sin or make mistakes. He knows exactly what I need to become like Christ. It’s also wonderful to be reminded about our right standing with God. He’s not a buddy, or a good fairy sent to grant our wishes. He is God, Lord and Master, Abba, Daddy, the One who completely loves us. He is our Creator, always working to turn us into Kingdom masterpieces.


  • I yield to my Creator to help me be willing to be changed into His likeness.
  • By faith I receive God’s love and Lordship.
  • Because I have been formed by the hand of God I know I am wonderfully made and designed for glory.

Word of the Day

And yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand. (NLT)

Isaiah 64:8

By Barb Palmer, Employed for Life

Jan (4) - 03/03 Pray

Feeling very low and frustrated. 6 months and still can't land a job offer. Self-worth is in the toilet. I've never had...

Sandra (1) - 03/02 Pray

For a remote job. Being a senior citizen, I need a remote job that I can work at home until it's safe to go back into...

Holley (1) - 03/02 Pray

Feeling pressure from family to get job. I have enough savings for the next few months. My last job that ended 1-31 was...

Shyra (2) - 03/01 Pray

For everyone to be safe while working outside the home, bless those that are working in the home. Blessed my daughters...

Shyra (2) - 03/01 Pray

To have a powerful and stronger prayer life, to cover my entire family in the name of Jesus and bless my gorgeous...

Yolanda (4) - 02/28 Pray

I am prayer for a job!

Kim (3) - 02/27 Pray

Praying for a good job and work in the ministry. Is it Allah or jesus- Christ. Happy Easter. I love you. Kim

Monique (4) - 02/26 Pray

Prayer for the direction of my life. Seeking to become closer to GOD and to do the works that he called me for.

Brandon (4) - 02/26 Pray

Work is slow right now for my company so hoping God will provide me wisdom on how to allow it to pick up.

Daniel (3) - 02/25 Pray

I pray for everyone. I also pray that having taken a 4 years career break to be with my family, God should provide me a...

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